Product Overview

dPoint Humidifiers use our patented flat-sheet membrane technology to produce a membrane cartridge with high active area, excellent flow distribution over the membrane, and low pressure drop. By using this flat sheet design, we are able to maximize the transport through the membrane and provide a humidifier with high performance in a low geometric volume.

Membrane Technology

• High and low temperature membrane options
• High water vapour permeance
• Excellent selectivity (H2O/O2)
• Low cost materials
• Robust against relative humidity cycling, liquid water swelling, and freeze-thaw cycling
• High resistance to contamination, oxidation, and hydrolysis
• Long operational lifetime

Product Series

PX Series

For Low Pressure Systems

• Designed for up to 10 kW Systems •

• Low Cost Counterflow Design •

• High Efficiency •

• Low Pressure Drop •

AX Series

For Automotive and Mobile Applications

• Designed for 10—110 kW Systems •

• Ultra Compact Cross-flow Design •

• Excellent Performance to Volume Ratio •

• Low Pressure Drop •

• Configurable Housing & Porting •