AX Series

For Automotive & Mobile Applications

PX Series

For Low Power Applications


Innovative Research & Development


Cutting Edge Polymer Membrane-Based Humidifiers

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Fuel Cell Humidifiers

dPoint humidifiers are a balance of plant component used in thousands of fuel cell systems worldwide. The humidifier uses a polymeric membrane to selectively transport water vapour from the fuel cell cathode exhaust gas to the fuel cell cathode supply gas. They are completely passive devices, with no moving parts and require no power supply.

PX Series

For Low Pressure Systems

• Designed for up to 10 kW Systems •

• Low Cost Counterflow Design •

• High Efficiency •

• Low Pressure Drop •

AX Series

For Automotive and Mobile Applications

• Designed for 10—110 kW Systems •

• Ultra Compact Cross-flow Design •

• Excellent Performance to Volume Ratio •

• Low Pressure Drop •

• Configurable Housing & Porting •



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